Monday, 1 December 2008

Surgical Stockings and Spewing Sprogs!

Oh my - what a week. I'd like to say not a lot happened but quite the opposite!  After a year of waiting I finally got my dratted leg vein sorted and OMG ... I wish I hadn't - well thats what I thought on Wednesday and Thursday - by today 5 days later the pain has subsided and the mammoth bruise and multiple holes are disappearing. They may even have gone more quickly if 4 kids and mum hadn't gone down over the weekend with a bad case of spew and poo! Fighting for buckets and loos we were! DH (who escaped said virus)  even resorted to a trip to the hardware shop to stock up on buckets incase we all go down together again. Horrendous is the only word I can think of and me still in surgical stockings to boot! Pain killers didn't stay down so wowee it was a humdinga of a weekend. The good news is we are recovering and tomorrow is Christmas shopping day at school for the little one. A list of gift recipients has been duly drawn up and not to disapoint his mum and dad and in the same vein as all his siblings the gift-buyers name is also on the list! I suppose at 5 years old its difficult to understand the concept that sometimes presents are for others!  I just wish he hadn't brought home the one unsuspecting present he didn't pay for earlier in the week! Dont you love school!

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