Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Tree Santa 9

Ok I am officially worried that christmas is approaching too fast!  I thought we had oodles of time to get things ready - now its already Dec 9 and the kids finish school next week! The house is a tip , I have things I want to do - like finishing the bag I started crocheting today and I had better fill the fridge or I will have a riot on my hands!  The thought of supermarket shopping isn't pleasant .... why oh why do people feel it is necessary to buy half the shop because its Christmas? The shops only close for one day so what on earth they will do with their bulk buy of sugar, or cheese biscuits, or cranberry cheese is anyones guess.  We shall of course have a turkey and all the trimmings and IF I am lucky my tribe will leave enough so we can eat leftovers after Christmas Day and leave the shops well alone for at least a couple of days ... maybe I should think about stocking up on toilet rolls just in case though!

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