Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Tree Santa 24

Well the 'big Santa' is sitting atop the tree today so it must be christmas! My little boy was jumping up and down with joy as he was lifted up to put him on top of the tree. He has been telling me all day that tonight Santa will be delivering him his Batman car! (Lucky for me Amazon had one in stock). It has been such a delight to see him take such an interest in our tree and I'm sure he now knows each and every Santa we have. I have decided that next year I need to buy a bigger tree though ... its either that or stop collecting the Santa tree decorations and now that have an apprentice Santa 'anorak' I don't think that will be possible!

So thats it folks! I have completed what I set out to do... my first '52 projects' inspired endeavour. I'm having a break from blogging over christmas and will start again in 2009 with a new project ... "The weekly Quilt". I have made many quilts over the years but I haven't documented them anywhere so I think this will be a good way to do just that and record my craft endeavours for prosperity (should anyone be interested!).

So happy christmas to all of you who have followed me the last 24 days. I hope you have the opportunity to rest and enjoy some family time and maybe even think of your own 'project' to blog about. If you do .. let me know so I can follow too!

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