Sunday, 21 December 2008

Tree Santa 21

Wow - only 3 more days !  Am I ready ... NO!  Currently I feel  like this Santa who  appears to be doing his best to squeeze a quart into a pint pot!  For some reason ( that I currently can't currently fathom) I decided to decorate my middle sons bedroom last week. Its almost finished but the contents of the room - mainly toys(!) seem to have migrated from their temporary housing to .. well ...everywhere really!  That together with the new quilt I started yesterday sitting on the dining room table, the laundry room that continues to look more and more like Mount Vesuvius and my bedroom that has taken on the look of the local post office with all the internet shopping deliveries I have received .. its no wonder I am beginning to feel a tad squeezed myself too!   I haven't open the boxes yet either  -- just in case prying eyes catch a glance -- so I am praying they contain what I ordered!   Oh and the heating system has thrown a wobbly and my eldest son decided to play Santa and take presents to my family before, rather than after, Christmas as planned so I had to get these all prepped and ready to go and.. and... and ........  But all will be fine tomorrow ... DH flies home for Christmas! 

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