Thursday, 4 December 2008

Christmas Project Number 1 - Santas 1 to 4

Ok - so having recently listened to a podcast on Craftsanity about "52 Projects" I have decided to do a few of my own.  Well its not like I dont have loads already but the idea of having a project that I do .. and complete ... over a period of time for no other reason than  .. I want to do it ... seems good to me. So since its christmas I thought I would do a Christmas related project. ... well 2 actually, My first one is to photograph and load a picture of decorations on my christmas tree. I have several trees actually and several collections of decorations but my favorite is a green fir - plastic because I dont real - covered in beautiful decorations ... so long as they are Santas!  I've been collecting for quite some years now but I add a few each year as and when I see what I like. These next 4 are (for dates Dec 1st through 4th) are all new this year and I brought them at a small shop in Los Gatos CA  during a visit I made there on Halloween. The shop btw is gorgeous and I could have spent much much dollars there (and way more than I did .. which was enough!)  Here are Santa 1 through 4 for 2008. I'll post one Santa a day until Christmas !