Friday, 19 December 2008

Tree Santa 19

I've looked at this Santa for quite a while, trying to decide what kind of Santa he is. I think he looks quite Bohemian .... no not gypsy-like but from Bohemia within the Czech Republic!  Santa (or St Nicholas)  is called Svaty Mikalas in the Czech Republic and visits in the evening of December 5th - the day before the feast of St Nicholas.  He comes and visits children with a devil and an angel by his side. The kids have to sing or recite a poem for him before he asks if they have been good or not. The devil is given permission to scare the children while the angel counters the threats. If they are good they are rewarded with a small gift of fruit or sweets. If they have been bad they get a potatoe or a lump of coal!  But just in case the kids don't get to see St Nicholas (and lets face it who would after reading that?)  you can hang your stocking in the window and St Nicholas will fill it with presents anyway - whew!

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