Saturday, 6 December 2008

Tree Santa 6

Look at this pair of cuties!  

This is the last of my new purchases for 2008 - although there is still time to find more I suppose!  (... a sneaky laugh to myself here as I think of my hubby who tolerates my passion for fu-fu - as he calls it - so well !!)

I managed to do some sewing yesterday which I was sooo happy about. My legs are getting less painful now and the swelling and bruising is going. I still look like I've been peppered with a shot gun though  ... so attractive  ... and I never thought I would ever ever ever say this but I actually looked forward to putting on the surgical stockings. They really help relieve the pain which makes it possible for me to sew!   Hidden under jeans - who knows anyway !
So what did I sew?  A  couple of things .. a modern rendition of two turtle doves for my 12" square December Journal project. I just need to quilt this now.  I put bindings on some pre-quilted squares I found hanging around in my studio from years ago .. one will become a bag the rest place-mats I think. The bindings were already part sewn so I just had to finish the join. I have obviously changed my method for binding since I did these all those years ago. I wouldn't do them quite the same today but I decided to leave what I had done rather than unpick. They look ok anyway.  I also prepared some hexagons for hand quilting, got christmas presents for one of the kids and went to the christmas market in Petersfield last night. So how industrious was that? I will no doubt pay the price today - but hey its Saturday - I don't have to do anything today!

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