Tuesday, 30 December 2008

New Book released Today!

Talk about excited ... I'm "totally excited" (in my kids speak) ...... Today my book "How to make Perfect Binding in 6 Easy Steps" was released on Lulu. com. I am just sooooo excited.  I've had this book sitting in the wings for a while now but decided NOW is the time to let the world see what I can do  (i'm laughing .. a little bit...!)  No seriously I am very proud and my kids were even prouder to see their mums name listed as Author and even prouder when I made my first download sale... thank you!  OK I know its a print-on-demand self-publish site but I dont care .. I've put myself out their.   So I'm busy publicising myself today ... so I'll start right here!

"How to make Perfect Binding in 6 Easy Steps is the ideal book for the beginner or intermediate quilter who is looking for the secrets of how to apply a successful binding to their quilt. Available as a standard A4 sized easy-read spiral bound paperback or a downloadable PDF from Lulu.com this comprehensive techniques guide will show you how to prepare your quilt for binding, calculate binding yardage, attach the binding, produce mitred corners and make a neat and flawless join"


If you go to Lulu you can preview 6 or 7 pages before committing to buy which I think is great. I'm really very impressed with them. I suppose I should order a hard copy though to see what it looks like in the flesh.  I'm a download girl myself really though. What are you?

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