Monday, 22 December 2008

Tree Santa 22

Only 2 days to go!   Yeah... and I'm feelin goood!  Just like this jolly looking Santa!  Hubby is home, the bedroom is decorated, food shopping is 90% done, wrapped some presents,  quilt top is almost finished but socks are a disaster and I think I may have to concede a defeat with the knitting!  I am doing soo badly - I cant managed 2 needles properly let alone 4 for sock knitting. I even woke up dreaming about a machine to knit socks (now come on we are all entitled to have funny dreams!) More surprising though was the knitting machine blog entry from
craftsanity I found in my in basket! How weird is that!  Here's another link  here so you can see yet more sock knitting machine action. I did scan Ebay UK quickly to see if there was one for sale but no joy - perhaps just as well! 

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