Monday, 15 December 2008

Lacking the X-Factor

For the last few weeks I have been a bit of a 'saddo' as I have tuned in to watch The X-Factor. It has been the highlight of my Saturday evening for some weeks now and I waited patiently this last weekend as the 3 finalists warbled and squawked their way through the night. It was a good show if just a little protracted though. So to avoid complete 'jellification' whilst watching it I decided to make a quilt top  -- as you do!  As luck would have it I just happened to have received a 5" charm pack as a introductory thank you gift from Fons and Porter. A nice gesture but one that cost me £12.95 in customs duty. I'm not sure that 23  5" squares of fabric (and a spool of thread) would have cost me that much in a shop, so I was slightly annoyed with their 'free gift'. Anyway not to go on about it I put them to good use along with another set of 1/8th pieces I found that seemed to blend in well. From cutting the pieces to stay-stitching the edge of the top took me just over 90 mins - good going and hastened on by the frequent 2 minute ad breaks.  Its a cute little sofa throw that I'm sure one of the kids will enjoy using as a cape but its certainly no masterpiece and I'm sure Simon Cowell would agree with me when I say it lacks the X-factor.  But these quick little X-factor quilts are good for us quilters. When we make them we create, reduce our stash and make way for us to buy some X-tra fabric!  

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