Monday, 15 December 2008

Tree Santa 15

I think 'beaders' must be the most patient crafters on the planet! I have tried but rapidly gave up after about the 10th time of upturning the dish the beads sat on! Do you know how frustrating it is to chase beads around a floor? Even more frustrating and painful is having a bear foot find a lone bead ... something  akin to treading on a piece of lego or knex!  No I'm afraid beading is not for me but I applaud those that do. 

I love this little Moon Sequined Santa and I have chosen him today to remind me of the largest moon I have seen for many years. The moon was at its fullest on Friday but with low cloud and rain over the weekend I didn't spot it until tonight and yes it is slightly bigger and brighter than I have seen for a while.  Apparently it is 30,000km closer to Earth at the moment as its reaches the nearest point of its 15 year elliptical orbit so is no wonder its looks bigger I suppose, although we are cautioned by astronomers to be be aware of something called "moon illusion" . Well my moon Santa is no illusion although is somewhat magical!

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