Saturday, 20 December 2008

Tree Santa 20

What do you put on top of your christmas tree - a star maybe?   Some people put angels ... I of course add a Santa! However this year he wont be added to the tree top until christmas eve. Might seem odd I know but I have done it to avoid the inevitable question of "does santa come tonight? " every day for 20 days!  I have  told my five year old that when he  sees a Santa on the top of the tree he will know it is christmas eve and  when he wakes up Santa will have left presents under the tree. So far its working!   Of course, most people add a star to represent the bright star that led the way to Bethlehem or they add an angel to represent the angel that announced the holy birth. But not all of us would choose to follow this traditional route including the chap that when asked  "why do you put an angel  on top of your tree?" answered...... "because my wife wont sit still!"  

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