Monday, 27 October 2008

Still Jet Lagged!

I'm in the San Jose area at the moment..been here since Thursday last week and I'm still jet-lagged! I'm not a good sleeper at the best of times but this is getting ridiculous. Its 5.40 in the morning and I've been awake for ages. So far I have managed to listen to almost all of Annie Smiths Quilting Podcasts - these are a great listen btw  (if you manage to stay awake through them ... this is no slur on your podcasts Annie ...I love them really ! .....but I do find that when I am actually ready to sleep they are a very effective sleep-inducing narcotic) and I've checked out her website. I didn't realise until today that Annie is actually a resident of San Jose !  I'm here visiting until Saturday .. just enough to shop, spend, shop, spend ,shop and decide we have no more to spend!  Well I'll counter that a bit ....we are sight-seeing too. Yesterday we went to Gilroy Gardens. This once horticultural site is now a theme park for little ones  up to around 12 I would say. Mind you my hubby didn't take too kindly to the diminutive roller coaster so maybe I should up that age slightly! My sons and daughter thought it was ace though - particularly as dad turned greener by the moment - we are so wicked!  Today  we are going to see the Butterfly Migration at Natural Bridges in Santa Cruz ....if I stay awake!

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