Monday, 20 October 2008

Autumn Fruit

It was cold and wet today here in Catherington ...ideal weather for walking to and from school!  Its only a mile away but on cold wet days it seems like 10. I have been trying to walk as often as I can and I'm slowly getting to grips with the steep lane we have to navigate. I say navigate because we criss-cross from one side of the road to the other to avoid being killed by the traffic. There is no pedestrian pavement and with a couple of nasty blind bends you really have to be careful. Its a great walk back home though - all downhill. Cant wait until we have snow! 
The view is amazing too. I really do live in a nice part of the world. Apples are still on the trees and the last blackberries are still hanging on.  We have crab apples in the garden this year too. I only planted this tree a few months ago and its full of tiny golden red globes. I hope the birds like them cos they aren't good to eat - unless you make jam or pickle or something.  Maybe I should try?

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