Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Another day of not accomplishing as much as I wanted and another day of things going wrong! Well wrong depends on your point of view I suppose! I should have been working on my judging course but as usual I found something else I thought would be more interesting (writing reports is not pleasurable!)  - Transferring photos to fabric .... and of course I needed to do this didn't I ... not!   Well I discovered some Ami Simms Photo Transfer Paper that I had brought in 2000.... (make a note of the year ....this is going to give you a clue what happened).  My daughter has recently completed a self-portrait for her school exams and I thought it would be great to transfer a photo of  it and make a book cover or something. I followed the instructions - loaded the paper right - choose the printer setting and printed. What came out was a very wet mess that had smudged for 2" into the print (and yes I did load it the right way). It was dripping so I laid it face down in my journal and wow I got a mono print.... twice. The second was faded but I just love this look of this for a journal page and better yet I can still use the transfer onto fabric. I think this is called Serendipity - something good out of something bad? 

Now I just need to get this module report written! I have just 3 days left  - will I do it?

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