Saturday, 4 April 2009

Spring has Sprung

Guess what? Dh is back from his 2 year assignment. Talk about happy! To celebrate his return we all got a treat from him. A new Halo Master Chief toy for one, Benefit makeup for another, travel money for the one who skis this week, a fixed car for the one that bashed his up and I got something very special ..... drum roll please..... a new lens for my camera ...... attached to yes .. a new camera too! Whoppee! I am now the proud owner of a Nikon D90 and I love it. I am no photographer though so some practice may be required. I was out like a shot (ha .. no pun intended) to try it out and I am very happy. The sun was out today so I made a beeline for the garden and the spring flowers ... oh so yellow ! I am so pleased with the quality of these shots... its amazing!

Inspired by all the yellow - a new pump bag was created for yet another party dude .. Ben has snakes with gold letters! My mission to fill the peg rack with handmade PE bags continues - we are 6 now and the teacher loves it! I love making them too ... so much so I have decided to start making them on commission. See here for more info.

On the downside this week ... my quilting machine has temporarily died .... new cables are required we think. I have not cried or stamped my feet though this time ... I shall take the time to do the other things I have been putting off ... like finishing the decorating I started a while back and finishing up that new bed I started digging a while back! The machine will be fixed I am sure soon and I shall be back on track.

On a more positive note I am thrilled that my good friend, quilt and coffee partner - Emma is now a published pattern designer .... she is in print in this months Sew Hip magazine with her bright zesty quilt in lovely orange colours. You can catch a glance of it here on the sew hip website. I am yet to find a copy of the blessed magazine in my local town though. As soon as I do I will post a piccy of the mag! Unfortunately the magazine failed to print her name in full .... so for the record its Emma Armstrong!!!! Watch out for more of her work ....spring has most certainly sprung in her neck of the woods too!

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Emma said...

Hey, thanks for the free publicity! Now I am well and truly outed! New camera shots look really good. Glad he is home safe and sound.