Monday, 13 April 2009

Little Gems!

Yeah... the sun was shining today - unlike the miserable Easter Sunday weather we had yesterday and since not one of the kids asked about the Easter Bunny I kept the egg hunt back until today. It was well loved by all ...5 years old or 22 .... aah .. the little gems!  It came and went very quickly though with lots of shoving and pushing from the big ones to get the creme of the crop while the little one was directed to hidden treasures to get his share. Unfortunately I made a big boo-boo though and mistakenly included a packet of Herseys Kisses in the bounty .. these were a special order for one of dh's UK co-workers.... oops ... an even bigger oops when I was informed they were for her wedding table favours. I'm not sure what I felt worse about... that or the fact I had to retrieve them off the kids before they were eaten! As it happened the kids aren't fond of Herseys chocolate so it was relinquished without too much prising. I was in the doghouse though with dh and dh was in the dog-house from me for not telling me not to use them! So whats a girl to do to improve her mood? ... thats right sew! Well in this case a bit of bonding!  

I decided to forge ahead with stage one of my Little Gems project.

Little Gems is a project organised for the Quilters Guild of the British Isles to raise money for
British Guilds head office and museum , St Anthonys House in York. The request is for the donation of A4 size quilts in any technique, traditional or contemporary, and any design source. Then at the main UK quilt show in August - The Festival of Quilts, you can buy a tombola ticket and stand the chance to be the owner of ......"a little gem by a top quilter or rising star!
" (As quoted by the guild). I looked at the website today and there are some really nice quilts too. So here is the start of my offering.

But why make one quilt when you can make 5? I'm not sure if all 5 will be donated yet -- we'll see how they turn out. I like the method though and oh so simple... bonded webbing on 5 fabrics (all bigger than A4 size because they will shrink as they get worked on and quilted) then freehand cut into strips, circles -- whatever. Then incrementally move one fabric to the back of each pile to mix all the fabrics up ... bond them all back to a base fabric - either leaving a gap between them or butting them up close. Voila - stage one completed - five quilts in progress!

Stage 2 will be to add some stitching - maybe satin stitch , maybe something else ... in a variety of colours (?).. not sure yet... ideas welcomed please! Once thats done I shall layer and quilt as normal-maybe and then I can be a little gem too!

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