Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Domestic Goddess

I've been playing with my camera again today... I just love love love it. I dont know how to do alot with it yet but I did pick up the manual today and even read an article about it in Amateur Photography (but only because dh had strategically left it for me to find in the loo!) So here are my photos for today. I got my two big kids modeling for me -- my daughter is a natural and needed no encouragement or direction modeling the little Nigella apron I have just posted here at my etsy shop (which is sadly empty at the moment ....uhm!). My son on the other hand was worse than useless modeling the market-style grocery bag. Looking natural to me doesn't mean puffing up your chest and flexing your biceps but apparently I was wrong .... yeah riiiight???

He even went on the say what an unnatural selection of groceries was included .. what can he mean .. everyone buys wine, asparagus, salmon and coffee. Thats our dinner tonight son! Now I know I am no Nigella Lawson - either in looks or culinary skills but I can at least pretend occasionally to be a domestic goddess!

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Trudi said...

I'm not a pinny person, but it's fab! and I just LOVE the bag :o) Especially the contents! (though I could give the coffee a miss) but the rest is just perfect. Got a copy of Sew Hip today, looking forward to putting my feet up later to have a good read and soak in something zesty :o) Enjoy Tea!