Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Freshly Squeezed!

Sunny holiday mornings with nothing to do (ha!) are just made for a large mug of tea and a thorough good look the latest copy of a favored magazine. Sew Hip is the magazine and much time was spent looking at this beauty ... a "Freshly Squeezed" zesty quilt by friend Emma Amstrong. I really love these bright fresh tones and orange (along with green still) is one of my all time favorite colours. Anyway I sat and spent a good hour drooling over various things before I decided to do something ... which wasn't alot. What I did discover was that my well used Pfaff had started to skip stitches and a good clean, new needle and rethread did nothing to solve it so its gone to the sewing machine man to be fixed. We had a good conversation too (after he had expelled the air he had sucked between his teeth after I said it had been used almost every day for 3 years without a service!) So thats 2 machines down now ... what will be next? Things always happen in 3's so something else is bound to go. At least I managed to destress with a bit of sewing last night before all went pear shaped today. We had a day trip to Bath yesterday - I drove 6 hours (there and back) and spent at least 60 of those minutes in a long slow haul into the town and then another 15 minutes looking for a parking spot. Add to that the awful slow haul out of the town and a wrong turn that almost took me to Wales! I was not amused in the slightlest. To appease my rotten mood I just had to make something when I got home .... a crochet hook case of course ! Here it is.

Amazingly the machine stitching looks ok - so what happen between last night and this morning I have no idea ... gremlins! Its a simple design but it works ok for my few hooks. The fabric is from the Pop Garden range by Heather Bailey.

So what will I do tomorrow ... no sewing machines to play with ... oh no .... not housework please???

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Emma said...

Love the crochet hook holder, get cracking with the pattern!