Thursday, 9 April 2009

Easter Greetings!

It must be Easter ....the supermarkets are full of people shopping for food for a much much longer time than a one day closure! Trolleys bulge!  But then perhaps like me they didn't forget to buy a months supply of eggs to colour and decorate.... so the little plastic egg-dying pots will remain empty until tomorrow. Not that it matters I suppose... the kids are not interested in my idea of this type of Easter fun anyway... how could this possibly compete with Ben 10? Oh well at least I try!  I did manage to drag the Easter box out of the loft this year though (sadly it didn't make it the last 2 years!) and I have decorated the Easter tree with the lovely wooden bunnies and eggs I found way back when.

.. and of course the pottery rabbit was unwrapped and the plastic carrots arranged

..and then I found this choir of bunnies (more twee fru-fru stuff according to dh ... but what do we expect of our men?)

A welcome sign for the front door (just to really annoy dh!)

and a beautiful display of frilly tulips in the garden....

and finally a 'Happy Easter' greeting from me to you!

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