Friday, 17 April 2009

Off to my Study

I was getting very twitchy yesterday ... I need my machines back in action! My Pfaff will be back next week and I am told costing me some £225 for the repair (....just one minute while I close my mouth!) And my longarm will hopefully be fixed tomorrow when the repair rep comes. I have a couple of quilts I really want to get finished and I have tried very hard to be patient about it all but it is wearing thin now! So it was just as well Issue 3 of Irish Quilting plopped on my door mat! If I cant quilt I can read about others quilting ... and in this issue I can even read about the things I suggest other quilters read about quilting too! My article "Off to my Study" has been published. I was really quite excited about it! (big understatement!)

The article is my take on the world of cyber-quilting ... blogging, online tv, e-books and podcasts and how we can go quilting in our studies as well as our studios!

I was chuffed too to see My quilt "They came from outer space " was used as the backdrop to the header and also on the contents page.

I made this quilt (24" square) as a challenge quilt for one of Christine Porters Cabot quilting conferences a few years back now. The challenge was to use a vibrant pink Sharon and Maggie pattern fabric. We were given a fat quarter and beleive it or not I did use the vast proportion of it. Most of it went in the small narrow inset flap at the binding (...a technique refered to as a "crumb catcher" by Alex Anderson on the latest epsidode of The Quilt Show.)

I also took the plunge in this issue and decided to advertise the bindings booklet. I haven't advertised in a magazine before and it was difficult working up the ad. I spent hours on the thing deciding what to say, what image did I want, what font, colours, text, pictures .... I literally went round and round in circles for quite some while! Anyway here it is in print ... all I need now is orders for it .. please!

Anyway I am NOT off to my study today ..I have to top coat the wood work in my sons orange and green bedroom! (Sounds yacky??? no it lovely ... really!)

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