Monday, 23 March 2009

Hidden Treasure!

Yesterday was Mothers Day here in the UK and I was pleasantly surprised by the unsolicited morning greeting I got from all four of my children. I even got a lovely joint pressie from them too ... which was even more surprising since dh was away (again) ! But it gets better .. not chocolates , not flowers but 2 sets of the most gorgeous underwear .. organised by my daughter! They really are very pretty ... they even fit too. Thank you my lovely children. Of course duty done Mothers Day was finished as far as they were concerned and it was bearly 9am! Oh hum !

I spent the rest of the day making a cooked English breakfast, a roast beef dinner and digging in my garden. Now I can say "my garden" because no one else in my family does anything remotely in it that might be classified as gardening ... unless lounging in a chair watching me do it qualifies. Good job I like it then isn't it.... Originally the garden was a field of pig pens, hen house and concrete out-buildings. Today we almost have a lovely English garden -- except I cant plant roses because the roving deer I affectionately call Bambi insists on eating them just as soon as they come into bud! So yesterday I spent several hours hauling out stone after stone of outbuilding buried long ago. So far I have pulled out 14 bags of rubbish and I am only half way through this bed. But I am confident that one day the stones will give way to hidden treasure and I will find myself pleasantly surprised ... just like I was with my children today!

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