Saturday, 7 March 2009

The Green Quilt!

A new quilt entered the house this week just in time for No 1 sons return home from his extended training 'holiday' in the States. He came back all big and beefy with triceps the size of footballs!  (Hard to believe I gave birth to him)  The quilt is green - of course!  Very green .. all sorts of tones and shades and bits of this and that .. all thrown into the mixing pot with no planning or cares!  It was a very liberating quilt to make and turned out much larger than I had originally planned. It is sitting on a UK kingsize bed (a US queen) so that should give you some idea how big it is but dont ask for measurements because I've forgotten!  The backing fabric is a gorgeous Bali print batik in brown and gold and I quilted it with my fav pattern of the year - Luscious Leaves in a large 17" format. It quilted up a dream on  Matildas Own wadding and I'm really pleased with it.  Its a Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle design from their book ... The Modern Quilt Workshop .  There website is Fun Quilts which is worth a visit for design a and colour inspiration.  


Emma said...

It looks good on the bed! Have a good weekend!

Zoe said...