Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Colour References

Yes , yes , yes they are done and ready to go ... and hopefully not back onto my shelves!   Its taken what seems like an age but in reality its not that long because I've been organising these blessed charms in between running back and forewards to school, shopping trips and cooking. Please note  'cleaning'  was not on this list but I do most definetly need to do some now. My dining room is a mass of loose threads and I noticed there are some nice little 'dust bunnies' collecting around the edges of most of the rooms that all seem to include some fabric offcut. ( Pesky little bunnies - they should learn to clean up after themselves!). 

What do you think to the names I called them?  Oh my .. the brain was not engaged today and I struggled to think what to call them or if indeed I should have called them anything at all.  I did think for a while about giving them some obscure title like " the green door "  or "99 red ballons" or "yellow submarine" (except I didn't have much yellow!) or "purple rain" or any other song related title but I couldn't think of any others ...  I'm sure there are loads though. So I plumped for some slightly over imaginative ones like 'prom dress' and 'river bed' and then got stuck and was left with 'mix-it-up 1 and 2' . Yes really imaginative  .. uhm ... not!  Colours are soo difficult to name though. What I think as lavander might be your idea of purple, or my idea of chestnut brown might be your idea of burnt orange.  Its all very subjective and depends on our eyes and brain to interpret what we see and define it against a reference colour we know all ready. If we all had an inbuilt spectroscope we would all call them the same thing - like  400nm or 720 nm but we dont so its down to our ability to inspired by a  reference word or phrase that our brains might possible interpret with some reasonable assurance of being in the right ballpark.  So what does a colour reference like  'prom dress' or 'joy' suggest to you?


Trudi said...

Wow.. they do look good packaged up together like that. I love how one colour is seen as soft mellow buttery yellow for one person but insipid washed out yellow to another. Perspective is always interesting. 'Prom Dress' well it doesn't conjour too much up for mer but 'Joy'..... ah well, thats those lovely soft buttery yellows that ooze the warmth of a summers day. They brighten and lighten my life with joy and happiness.

Chubby Mummy said...

Prom Dresses on on my mind ... my 16 year old daughter is looking on vintage prom dress sites! Big fluffy pink and peachy things !!!