Sunday, 25 January 2009

Charmed I'm Sure!

Yesterday was a good day! My little boy (no. 2 son) turned 13! He is now officially a teenager and is allowed to act like one. Not that he hasn't been practising for some while now and the single monotone syllables and slouchy- shoulder dropped - knuckle to floor - neanderthal body language have been perfected. "Merrr" is usually his favorite expression (if we are indeed graced with any vocabulary at all) but he does have an unusually speedy typing score! Mind you... I am not surprised by this as he has used a keyboard in preference to any other traditional writing implement since he was 3. Anyway .. all this said and done he is a delightful boy and I'm very proud of him. To celebrate his birthday I took him to London for a tour of the BBC Television Centre in White City.

What a great
day we had! If you every have the chance you should go. Tickets are not expensive and the tour was excellent. They made such a fuss of my son too because it was his birthday and he did a grand job being the 'volunteer' behind the scenes voice-over and sound effects man on the psuedo quiz show we took part in. I think he may even be interested in Television as a career now .. now that would be something! For those of you in the UK ...we also saw some of the contestants from Britain Needs You ... supping coffee and chowing down in the cafeteria - some with rollers in hair too ... taking a break before last nights show. (I was more excited about this than DS !)

On the quilting front .. I have been really busy having a massive massive clearout of my studio. I have way too much stuff that I have very little chance of doing anything with. I have good intentions and a list of things I want to do but all this stuff is dragging me down and stiffling any creative thought processes I might have at the moment so I have decided to let it all go. Well not all - I still have some things I want to hang on to! I've loaded lots of things on my website in the shopping pages and added a secure shopping cart that takes you through to paypal. I was thrilled that the system is working and I have had several 'orders' now through the website. I will be busy loading more things over the next week but it does take a while to sort, photograph, load the website etc... so please bear with me and keep checking back to see whats new. I'm currently chopping up yards and yards of fabric into 5" charms. Its amazing how a piece of relatively 'ugly' fabric suddenly becomes much more attractive when its a smaller size! The whole process of chopping has been really therapeutic and mildly cathartic too. I have a few more fabrics to go and then I will be ready to collate them into packs of 40. I think I am going to sort them into 4 groups of Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter collections, but I'm not sure yet. But one thing I am sure about and I'm sure you'll be charmed to know  ...  5" squares of fabric take up less space than yardage on the shelf.

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Trudi said...

Aah... the teenager! Mine has just about made it out of the grunting stage and at almost 16 he even manages to hold conversations, which is delightful. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. As for the overwhelming stash, I decided this year I was not going to buy any more, but use all that beautiful and not so beautiful fabric. It is working, but each quilt only leaves a small dent, I may have to live a very long life :o) It is also forcing me to be more creative in my approach, another good thing. Good luck with the downsize!