Tuesday, 6 January 2009

How Green is Your Valley?

Have you ever stopped to consider how much we are affected by colour?  We are surrounded by it every day and we choose products based on colour. Colour therapists will be well aware how much we are influenced by it and Marketing departments should be aware of it!  Did you know the colour Red is used in fast food chains to make us eat more quickly and Yellow painted houses sell more quickly than others for example?  I did a silly test today to see what colour I was (try for yourself here) Interestingly I was Green - the colour I have and probably always will choose as my favorite colour!  Now it is debatable if the test reported my colour personality correctly - apparently I am a calm and contemplative character. Uhm ... not sure my hubby and kids would always agree with that!  


Emma said...

Would you believe that I came out as green too!!!!

Anonymous said...

I will try this .

Im in middle of painting bedrooms and i cant decide what colour i want to do, ( im not a big fan on pink )