Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Cupids Arrow

Finally after a day of chopping and a day of 'colour bundling' I am now on the homeward stretch and the charms are almost ready to go. I do have to make labels for them but hopefully that wont take too long and will be less tiring on my back. Standing up to cut over 150 different perfectly good yards (or more) of fabric  into small 5" pieces takes a toll on you physically but oh does it feel good inside to know that your stash is at the beginning of a major vanishing act!  My stash has been weighing me down 'creatively' for a long time now as my tastes have changed and I am more selective about my fabric purchases. When I first started quilting I was like a kiddy at the local pic n mix sweetie shop. I brought a bit of this and bit of that .. always loving what I had brought and always having some project in mind.... at the time!  A few years on I discovered that my fabric shelves were bulging with the equivalent of the 'Coffee' flavoured sweetie that no one wanted to eat.  So .. cutting up the stash has really made me feel alot better!  

In fact I feel so good today that I want to whip out the old Pfaff and start stitching straight away. Valentines day must be close by too as I'm sure Cupid has restored the balance and I actually like some of my 'coffee' fabrics again. I reckon I have enough squares to sew up at least a 4 or 5 dozen charity quilts but I am hoping some other kind souls will take them off my hands instead. 

Today I have sorted my squares into colour bundles and tomorrow I will give them some wonderful names, load them on my website  and pray for Cupids arrow to wing its way into your fabric pic n mix hearts!

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Emma said...

Ohh, you have been busy haven't you? Have you decided how to package them yet? It does look good all laid out like that