Saturday, 10 January 2009

And the winners are ............

With the help of my trusty daughter and my hubbies felt Fedora the two names drawn out of the hat for the two free downloads of my new booklet " How to make Perfect Binding in 6 Easy Steps" are ......drum roll please .... Pam Scoville and Lyn Blackburn.  Pam and Lyn - your booklets will be on their way later today.  A  big big thank you to everyone else that took part. If you would still like to get your copy you can of course download them from Lulu at the link at the side of the blog. 

I have made a few book sales this week which is lovely and a big thank you to those that have brought them.  I also made a few in-roads on the marketing front but I still have a way to go. My hubby has given me a target figure of sales to hit so come on everyone - pass the word around so I make the grade!  

Btw - do you like my foot wear?  A christmas gift from my daughter - I think they came from Accessorise. You can also catch a glimpse of the PJ's I made a while back. I've had to fight a couple of family members off from claiming them!  


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Pamela Scoville said...

Hi Tracey - Thanks you so much for the lovely surprise on this snowy winter morning! I will print it out and put it on my reference shelf beside the sewing machine so it will always be handy.