Sunday, 1 February 2009

Paper or plastic?

Its time I started writing things down! Yesterday was my MIL birthday and I made a quick trip into town to buy her something nice. I picked up a lovely boxed set of perfume and body lotion etc... that I knew she would like and duly toddled off home to wrap and deliver. Nothing odd about that except whilst wrapping it I began to get a vague recollection  of doing the very same before ....  deja vu right?   We've all experienced that at some point. But no, no that wasn't it. I made a coffee and then it came to me.  I HAD already brought the very same set for a christmas box .. this last christmas  ....the question was WHO did I give it to?  The brain didn't help ANY so I had to call my mum and ask ... "Did I send you a give you any perfume for christmas?"  No I didn't but she was able to recount all the gifts I did give her how I had wrapped them which I thought was amazing!  Uhm.... then it dawned on me ... my MIL had been the recipient and I was about to duplicate the same gift. Oh bother (or something like that!)  I really didn't want to go back into town and the local Co-op wouldn't hack it for a gift so I decided to make something for her instead.  Da da!!  Enter the Market Bag. Now I'm not sure is she would have preferred the duplicate gift or not but now she has something useful, handy and pretty to do her shopping with and should anyone ever ask at her  supermarket "paper or plastic" (which they don't in the UK)  she could reply   " No thank you .. I have Fabric"

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Trudi said...

with that bag in her hand, who would even want paper or plastic. I'm a fabric girl everytime ;o) Its Brill! I love the fabric.