Sunday, 22 February 2009

The Quilting Web!

I found out this weekend that my bindings booklet has been reviewed on "The Quilting Web".  I am thrilled!  Its a lovely review and it will be fantastic if it generates a bit of interest ...and a few purchases of course too!  
(You can see the review here). I'm doing my best to generate sales but "it ain't easy"! Advertising is very expensive too so I am having to think very carefully about where to spend my pounds .. if at all.  DH continues to give me the third degree ( and probably quite rightly) about return etc... etc.. anyway  I am firming up on a few ideas and hope to have them in place soon. 

On the quilting front I finished up 9 quilts this week and managed to label them all today.  I have to say it got more than a little boring after the 3rd one and I resorted to trying a couple of quicker methods. By far the quickest method was to 'stick' them on using steam-a-seam 2! I even washed a quilt afterwards to see how to held up and yes it has!  I'll put a little tutorial up in the next couple of days to show you what I did.  Not the most interesting of subjects but it does need to be done and it might be of interest to a couple of you.  I'll post pictures of the quilts later in the week once the kids are back at school and I have dusted and removed a few non-quilty house webs!

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