Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines! Today I got not one but 2 cards! Hey - how lucky am I? .... and both from the man I love! They arrived in the post this morning which couldn't have been better timing. Unfortunately DH and I are separated by 5000 miles again and as much as I would like to blow it off and say "I'm use to it" its still hard to be apart and sometimes I really hate this thing called "a mortgage". But I loved the cards he sent me and one even had stitching on it - so how thoughtful is that - thank you DH its made my day!

I have been stitching like a mad women the last few days too. After my big destash - which was a great sucess and left me with virtually no leftovers to go to charity - I have set to and made a start finishing all those projects I started years ag
o. I have 5 quilts to add to the finished pile (if you include labeless ones as finished ) a newly pieced charity quilt made from destash fabric, another one on the go and 5 waiting in the wings for binding.

Do I like what I have done ? uhm..... I'm not sure. Lets take the charity quilt. The fabrics do very little for me and the colourway is pretty yuck but it has almost endearing quality to it. Its certainly no beauty queen and for that reason alone I'd be more than happy to use it ... for everything. On the bed / off the bed as table cloth, picnic cloth - wrap me up and sit outside to watch the stars quilt, take me in a tent quilt etc...
. So for all its ugliness I think it will get used loads. Well, once its finished its off to a homeless charity. A couple of my 'early works' have already gone via my niece and the recipient were so thrilled I feel almost obliged to send more.

Do you remember this quilt? Again its no beauty queen but it feels so lovely and like the quilting on this one. The pattern is called luscious leaves. I cant remember who it's by now but it quilts up lovely. I did tinker very very slightly with the pattern to remove an odd curl I didn't like.

The baby quilts I quite like. They fish one is almost 10 years old and one of the first quilts I made but never quilted. The small 'slanted' block quilt is made from one jelly roll (last year) and is basic but quite cute. The quilt with the smiley doctors and nurses was made in 2000 and one of the first I longarm quilted. I overlocked the edges but never bound it until this week! Its been used alot though. Its our 'sicky' quilt and comes out when one of the kids is poorly.

The big strippy quilt is another 'ugly' made from provided charity fabric - which I really didn't like and decided to make something as quickly as I could just to move it along. (Unfortunately its sat for over a year waiting for a binding!) As it happens I quite like this one too now! Its really cuddly - again another "chuck it around and I dont care too much about where or how I use it quilt" ... is this bad of me to refer to a quilt like this?
Anyway none of them will make Paducah thats for sure but I have had fun working on them and thats what we do this quilting lark for isn't it? For fun and because we love it! Happy Valentines to all !


Trudi said...

They are all wonderful, I particular love the luscious leaves quilting design, if you ever find who designed it, I'd love to know. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with tops, both waiting and quilted and waiting to be finished :o)

Chubby Mummy said...

Hi Trudi - I looked it up ....its a JoAnn Hoffman pattern ; check link here: