Thursday, 3 December 2009

Tip 4 - drink!

Todays tip is a really a little bit of common sense .... but something we often forget to do.

Stop to take a water break every hour!

Now I am the worlds worst offender with this tip ...but I am now making a very conscious effort to follow my own advice.

As a longarm machine quilter I am use to standing on my feet for long hours and can easily work for 3 or more hours at a time without a break. BUT my body does not thank me for it.... my legs and shoulders will eventually begin to ache, my eyes will hurt, my head might even spin a little and I could even feel a little dizzy. I will also start to loose concentration and may even eventually start to make mistakes. Well if I haven't stopped to draw breath and rehydrate myself is that so surprising? No, of course its not!

A short 5 minute break every hour to stretch my back, neck and shoulders and take on board some fluid is a very simple but effective method to help your body keep in tiptop form and working at its best!

So recapping again, todays tip is :

Stop to take a water break every hour!


Trudi said...

Oh I've known all those symptoms .. hehe ... I am so guilty of not doing what's good for me! But I promise to try harder (grin!)

Sherry said...

Very good sound advice. Taking a break myself to read some blogs. ;)