Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Advent Calendar Tip No 1 - mucky irons!

yucky iron!

and here is the clean iron!

Yikes.. we are on the run up to christmas already so that means its time for me to do a special project! If you were following my blog last year you would know I did a project 'Santa of the Day' project photographing one of my tree ornaments each day for 24 days. (I collect Santas to put you in the picture). Well this years project will be a little bit more crafty. I hope to give you 24 hint and tips about some aspect of sewing. Could be quilt related, might not be ..not sure yet .. I haven't planned out the whole 24 days! Could end after a few days even but anyway let us begin today with a tip about 'mucky irons'. Watch the video of me (without laughing please)to see my sterling tip about using HOBBRITE!

After doing the vid I read the back and it looks like Hobbrite is a UK brand only. More info here at their website. However I am sure similiar products exist in the US and overseas. It is a very gentle cleanser that removes burnt on residue. (Not burnt-off as I said in the video - der!) I use it on my glass hob and on the glass door and base of the oven and it works beautifully to remove burnt on crap without scratching the surface. So I thought it would work for the iron ... and yes it does - without too much effort either! Sometimes I cant believe how smart I am!

So to clean your mucky iron use Hob Brite for sparkling clean hobs AND IRONS!

btw ... my family and friends are sure to disown me when they see this attempt at a home-grown video! Sorry peeps! Its just a bit of fun of though ... filmed using photobooth on my mac!


Diane J. Evans said...

It's going to be a bit of fun for you AND your lucky readers! I'll be sure to follow your hints throughout the month!


Trudi said...

Great tip! I might even try it on my oven too! LOL I LOVE the vid, it's great!

BilboWaggins said...

Hobbrite is fabulous stuff. I use it to clean all the gunk off the inside of the door on the Wood Burning Stove.

BilboWaggins said...

PS: it was lovely to hear your voice again, your podcast is great.

Elissa - said...

Good idea and I have some under the sink! Also, nice to hear your voice and I think that eventually Blue Peter will beckon! ;-) x

Tracey said...

Thank you ladies - not sure I'm Blue Peter material just yet though!

BilboWaggins said...

I thought more Delia in presentation and delivery and that's a compliment.

Think how successful she is, heck, she's even got her own entry in the Dictionary now.