Tuesday, 3 August 2010

you are the weakest link ... goodbye!

So thats that folks ....  this is the last post on 
Chubby Mummy! 

 I have moved ! Please dont leave me though .... 
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Whats in a name?

Well .. its been a long time coming I suppose but I have now decided that this is the end of Chubby Mummy .  She has had her day and she will be retired .. quietly.  But dont worry my loyal band of chubblyz ... I'm not going to kill her off completely .. just give her a bit of a revamp.You know a nip and tuck here and there  ... ooh and a change of identity!   

I'd love to say this is needed because she is no longer chubby but that would be a down and out fib!  Or perhaps because the mummy is now a gran-mummy but that wouldn't be true either. 

Nope .. the fact of the matter is my blog needs a more considered name. One that doesn't shock a mother when when she searches the internet and finds my blog listed amongst similar titles with less savoury content!   Unfortunately the 'not so quilty element' of this list has grown considerably over the last few months and whilst it might be to some tastes its not to mine and I dont care to be linked to it .. albeit on a google or yahoo search engine.  So .. dear chubs its goodbye!  Arrivederci old pal, sayonara, so long!

So first up in this blog tweak ... I have a new link .. implemented over the weekend but unlikely to have been noticed as Ms. Chubs is now being redirected to http://www.traceypereira.com.  

That was the easy bit. The more difficult bit is what to call the blog. Having made a bit of a faux pas last time I dont really want a repeat but I'm hitting a brick wall... no amazingly good blog titles are springing up saying "pick me"... which is a darn nuisance since I have now made a decision to end the old gal. 

I found this over at Pro-Blogger  .. a quote from a bloke called Ryan but who he is I dont know... (sorry Ryan)  but I like your quote all the same .

‘As I mentioned the perfect name is easy to remember, sounds and looks good. But more importantly than these three is a name that is suiting. There is no such thing as the perfect name in the initial stages. It takes time and growth before a name can become perfect.…’

and Daniel Scocco over at dailyblogtips says the blog name should satisfy 3 rules:

1. It should describe your blog
2. It should be easy to remember
3. It should be equal to your domain name

Well lets think about this Chubby Mummy described me ok but not the blog, it was a short, sweet title that was easy to remember I guess but it didn't equal the domain name -- that was chubbymother because chubbymummy was already taken.  So uhm .. it failed on 2 of those rules.

So what to choose .... ????

You'll have to wait I'm afraid because I simply don't know yet! 

Updated :  Ok I have a name ... its not too imaginative but I like it ....

Welcome to my new blog :  Tracey Pereira dot com!