Sunday 11 September 2011

Shopping for Fabric?

So I know its been ages since  I closed this blog and starting blogging at Quilt Me Happy but I still  have a lot of visitors coming here every week. Thank you. I hope you continue to visit. There are lots of tutorials here so hopefully you will find something useful.   

I've been busy doing a lot of things since I last posted here namely building a business - or trying to at least.  It hasn't been easy I can tell you in a depressed economy but it has been tremendous fun.
 A big thank you to every one that has supported me so far. I have a long way to go and I am currently working on a new streamlined website that will be faster loading and easier to maintain for me. In the meantime I'd love it if you go to my current little shop here and see what I have.  Comments would be great too!

I am based in the UK so if you are shopping for fabric in the United Kingdom do consider visiting my little online shop and if you are in the south of England near Portsmouth you can visit me (by appointment). I carry a range of Kona Solid cottons, Moda Precuts and yardage plus Pat Bravo and Melly and Me, a few wide backs and Aurifil and Valdani threads.

Need rotary cutters or batting?  I have some of those too as well as my best selling Crushed Walnut shell Pin cushion stuffing!  What a hoot,  these tiny pieces of crushed walnut shells are ace for pincushions and fly out the door. Who'd have thought?

 I also have the amazing SKIP STITCH blades for crocheting around fleece and other fabrics

I try to keep my prices as keen as I can and I have a bolt of the day -- (normally every week at the moment ..sorry) but it is  discounted by up to 50%, so it is worth while taking a look to see what's on offer.  

You can join the mailing list too if you like and keep up to date with all the latest additions, sales and the special specials I run for subscribers only. 

Thanks so much for looking


Happy Quilting!

Love Tracey xxxx