Thursday, 3 December 2009

Tip 3 - use a surge protector!

Today it is not just computers and stereo systems that contain expensive electronics ..... your sewing machine, overlocker, embellisher or quilting machine is just as likely to have them too! How do you know ... well if it has a display panel it has electronics ... its thats simple and todays tip is for you:

Use a surge protector to protect your expensive electronic devices

A surge protector is a device to protect your electronic devices from being 'fried' by sudden and unplanned surges in power that are significantly above your usual country voltage level (220-240v in the UK/Australia/Europe, 110v- 120v in the US/Canada). Most electronic equipment is designed to cope with some voltage overage but nothing of any significance so it is best to protect them from the possibility.

A common cause of power surges is lightning but this doesn't account for most power surges experienced in the home. More likely is the sudden demand for power when switching on power hungry equipment like electric kettles, fridges, air conditioners, garden shredders, compressors and motors. These sudden power drains can cause either immediate or gradual damage to components. These together with other possible causes such as faulty domestic electrical wiring or problems with the supply grid equipment can mean an uneven power flow and result in power surges. So protect your precious electronics (sewing machines, computers and stereos) with a simple power surge protection strip. They aren't expensive and are available in many home departments.

I wont go into how they work here but rest assured they will protect your equipment from expensive repairs and downtime. BUT a word of warning ... make sure your surge protector has an illumination light on it. If this light does not light up when you plug it into your mains supply then your surge strip has taken a power hit already and you will need to replace it.

So todays tip again :

Use a surge protector to protect your expensive electronic devices

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