Monday, 7 September 2009

Passion Killers!

Sew,Mama,Sew is having a Pyjama Party  and I thought I would join in. I made these 2 pairs for myself last year BUT dh has stolen - yes stolen the car and truck pair to use himself!  I used a favorite, but worn-out pair of pj's,  to make the pattern by cutting them carefully along the seam lines. I am very short waisted with a big bum  (I'd like to say I have a J-lo bum but my daughter would scream with laughter  -- no its just a big bum)  and absolutely hate it when jimmies (or trousers for that matter) are cut long on the front crotch seam and not long enough on the rear so you end up with a potential builders crack at the back (because there isn't enough fabric there) and heaps of excess fabric at the front that is ideal when your pregnant but annoying when your not.  My favorite jimmies were just right for my shape and I was mortified when I started to wear them through.  The 2 replacement pairs fit just right too - unfortunately they fit dh well too but luckily he drew the line at wearing pink cabbage roses. I made a master copy of the pattern on butcher paper and have kept them for this years crop!  I have some great novelty prints I want to use - sure to be an ideal passion killer but  at my age passion killers or not ... I'm comfy and warm!

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