Tuesday, 1 September 2009

New Shop

I'm beginning to flag .. after a busy week of prep for the street market and No 1 of 3 BBQ's we are hosting this week over I need to flop in a big bath and relax. Only I can't .. it leaks and I'm waiting for the plumber to come. I hate water leaks ... its only a small leak but I cant fix it ( I did try !) It was whilst laying on my back at quarter to midnight the other night I came to my senses and told myself out loud (and in ear shot of DIY challenged DH) that I do not need to be doing this kind of thing anymore. I have spent a lifetime doing DIY things - I'm quite good at them actually but I'd rather not do them anymore thanks. I have other things to do like make textile stuff for the street market. So thats what I did but to be honest I think I would have been better off trying to plug the leaky bath! I enjoyed the day - the weather held and my stall looked very inviting but the fish weren't biting and I only made a few sales. I met some lovely people though and had a lovely cup of coffee from the cafe that my stand was close too. Several people took my cards too and I was very pleased when one lady announced that it was a delight to actually find a stand with something worth buying! My DH overheard her later telling her husband she was surprised to find me selling in a street market though. Well why not .. its good to try new things, although I probably won't repeat this experience. But I have a new one to try! This time its an online shop with
BigCartel. If you haven't found them yet I am quite impressed. Designed for small crafty businesses to sell their stuff on line you get all the product display and selling features of Etsy but without the commission. They have a completely free service but you can only load 5 products and you don't have inventory control but for a small monthly fee you can load more products and have the inventory system too. I've lots of photos to take of the things I have made but I've test-loaded four products to see what happens. Of course I could be plugging a leaky bath again!

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Trudi said...

The shop looks great! And I have to thank you fo the free Binding guide too! I had a good read, it's nice to know I've been doing it right all these years, but you've given me a greater insight in how to improve with fabulous tips that are very helpful. Thank you! And good luck with the shop too!