Monday, 21 September 2009

buzz bag and winners!

Do you remember the wasp spider I blogged about
here? well I just kept thinking about her yellow and black colouration. So much has it been on my mind that I am being drawn to yellow and black fabrics now and when I found this floral abstract in Blendworths I was just leaping about the place. I think it has some linen in it but I cant be sure - is there a way to tell?   It feels like a blended mix ... almost a bark cloth even. Anyway its lovely and I have enough to make a couple of things from it. Today I made a 'buzz bag' , so named in honour of my garden spider and I have popped it in my shop for sale.

I also want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who entered my booty giveaway.  If I can be candid - it wasn't a tremendous success and its just as well I am thick skinned enough to continue blogging.  I am not sure why some blogs do well and others pale into insignificance but then we can't all be Attic 24's or Crazy Mom's I suppose.  I had hoped that I would get a dozen or so suggestions but hey ho I like the ones I got ... we had Blippers, Chuboots, Kozys, Chubblies and Sloots as suggestions. I liked them all!  So who to give the booty giveaways too?  Well guess what - you are all going to get a pair!   I have the 3 'development' pairs that are shown in the blog to giveaway if any of you can use these sizes BUT I will make bespoke pairs if they are no good for you. I know Bilbo who suggested Chubblies wanted 10" ones  ... so you will get a special pair.  But can you other ladies please contact me and let me know what size you would like too and an snail mail address I can post them to please. To get a size measure your feet in inches from heel to toe and add 1".  

As a reminder the 3 booties in the picture are :
The red pair are BIG!  and will fit an XL adult size (12" toe to heel)  , the green are child large (8.5" toe to heel)  and the pink Infant large (5.5" toe to heel) 


Diane J. Evans said...

WOW, Tracey -- thank you!! I just sent you my information directly to your email address. I'm so excited! What a generous gift -- and just in time for winter!

And I LOVE the Buzz Bag!


BilboWaggins said...

You are just too kind, especially when you already have so much on the go. Thank you so very much (it gets darn cold in Cumbria and my tootsies will love you this winter!) I will write privately tomorrow, I don't think you have our new address.

What a lovely way to end my day - we had a huge bonfire yesterday, I inhaled smoke and have felt awful, been coughing all day and feeling very sorry for myself, so this is a much appreciated treat. thank you