Sunday, 6 September 2009

Inspirational Wasps!

 We were unlucky enough to have more than one wasp nest in and around our house this year. This one was in the loft.  I'm not sure what wasps do in the garden apart from be annoying but my family really dont like them and I am the only one  brave enough to deal with them.  I didn't like being a real wasp bully but once they started coming down from the loft and into the house they just had to go. Out came the foaming wasp nest destroyer and in  I went - complete with long sleeves, rubber gloves and goggles!  24 hours later - one dead nest. 48 hours later one carefully picked apart wasp nest.  These little creatures build amazing homes! Layer upon layer of  perfectly formed paper hexagons capsules that house one individual wasp pupae.  It makes me think of a Japanese capsule hotel and as annoying  these little guys are .. I think they are quite inspirational!

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Jackie said...

Those are some wasp nests! You are brave!