Monday, 8 February 2010

feeling slumpy!

Postcard Exchange No 1 from Emma
(photo taken with my iphone!)

I had one of those weeks last week ... you know of those when you just  feel 'slumpy'. On a scale of 1 to 10 I 'd say it rated a good 8, or maybe even 9. My poor dh who has witnessed maaaany of my slumps over the last 20 years usually grins and bears them for the most part, despite the fact that I have been known to take on the guise of evil personified and display the tender characteristics  of the Wicked Witch of the North, Miss Trunchball * and Aunt Spiker ** rolled into one.   But not last week ... I managed to bring his boiling point well and truly below his norm and he let me know it too. Mind you, the fact that he has recently acquired a mouth full of teeth-straightening wire may have played a large part in his mood too. Add  to the mix that he has also stopped smoking, given up drinking red wine and eating curry ..  its no wonder his mood was compromised. His week wasn't made any better either by the anonymous arrival of a Metal Mickey poster on his desk at work as well.  So all in all we had a great week between us .. NOT!  I am sure you will be pleased to know that marital bliss returned over the weekend and the world is good for both of us again. I have no doubt that this is normal behaviour in a lot of households so I shall make no apologies or excuses but as we start the run up to Valentines Day I do want to say how much my dh means to me. I would be lost without him and as my daughter once said to me ... he is the cheese to my macaroni!  So dh if you are reading this ... here is a virtual hug!

**James and the Giant Peach

Right - sloppy stuff over ... I shall move on!

Last Friday I had coffee with my good friend Emma. She is a brick. She listens so patiently I am sure I will wear her ears out one day.  We recently started a postcard exchange and when I got back from our Friday meet I found her first card on the door mat. I love it!  To keep all the cards nice AND to display them in a way I can see them ... I have brought a 'picture pocket'  display to  hang on the wall. 

I got mine here. They have several sizes but I got the one that has 40 pockets and holds a total of 80 4" x 6" photos. At the moment I am also storing the birthday ATC's exchanges I make before I ship them off.  I can think of lots of uses for these picture pockets  too. Buttons would look fab in them I think, sewing sundries, or even just filled with samples of your favourite fabrics. I just think they are such a cool,  simple, cheap and  inexpensive 'do-daddy' that works! (Wish I'd have thought of the idea!)

This week  I have a special task to do too.... I have been lucky enough to receive several blog awards over the last couple of months which has been such a thrill ... so a big big thankyou to everyone who has passed them on to me. But I have been very delinquent in forwarding them! Seeing as I am currently in the mood for 'sharing some love' this week will be the week for despatch. So watch out .. you may have a little something on the way to you!

Until later then ...


Jackie said...

Don't fret, you are right this happens to all couples. Eventually things turn back to normal. Love the postcard frame!

Chris said...

The post card frame is such a great idea. Wishing you happier days ahead.

sweetypie said...

hi chubby mummy dont worry, I felt like that the other week and when my mojo came back, it came back BIG! no.2--Giving up curry? no! I am sorry ,that is a step to far, for gods sake, give the man a curry!

Not Just Handbags said...

Your post made me smile as always as yes it is like that in our house as well! I imagine he has had to give up curry because of the brace? Ooh remember it well, not pleasant but lovely straight gnashers afterwards! Tell him the no smoking does get easier and the homicidal thoughts pass!

BilboWaggins said...

I hate weeks like that - no matter how hard you try to be positive, life, the Universe and everything conspires against you. We usually blame sunspot activity! Glad you are better now

Diane J. Evans said...

I think that slumps are directly linked to the season: shorter days, lack of sunlight, lousy weather. It's no wonder we're crabby and uninspired. Remember, spring isn't too far away.

Hope hubby is better, too!


Emma said...

Hope you are having a better week! Glad you liked the postcard - come on, where's mine, I know you have done it!!!