Tuesday, 16 February 2010

the award of the cheesy green dumpling

Cheesy Green Dumplings
1 packet semi-dried, vacumm packed or fresh potato gnocchi.
1 jar green pesto
cheddar cheese - around 2oz per person

bring pan of water to a rolling boil
add gnocchi to pan
wait approx 3 mins while all gnocchi rises to the water surface
(as soon as gnocchi floats it is cooked)
drain water

place 1 teaspoon pesto per person onto the gnocchi
grate 1oz (ish) cheese per person onto gnocchi
stir all ingredients together

pile gnocchi mix into bowls and sprinkle with more grated cheese
use parmesan, cheddar or any cheese you like

takes about 10 mins to make!

Tonight, just as I was about to shut down for the evening I received an unsolicited breed of email. Akin to the illustrious chain letter I was asked to send a quick recipe to the first person named on the list then forward the note I had received to 20 other people. 20 people! 20 people ... I had to question if I had 20 names in my contact list that I could send the email to! My first reaction was to bin the letter .. then I thought about the person who had added my name to the list. I like the lady and don't want to upset or be rude to her so I decide to send a recipe and forward the note on BUT not to 20 people, just 10. I do as instructed and send the note with a preface from me saying I don't like chain lettery type emails so they shouldn't feel obliged to take part etc...

I feel better now and start to think about bed .. then I remember I still have to forward the blog awards I received recently and that I'd said I would do that last week! I feel very bad again. So now I must come clean with you... you see I have been procrastinating because I don't like blog awards much either. 

God, I am such a grumpy old women ... but you know it just smacks of something un-British to me. We just don't do the congratulatory admiration thing very well really here. We do pomp and circumstance reaaally well but not adulation. Mind you, I will confess that my inner child is still jumping up and down like a demented cat saying " yeah ... someone thinks my blog is interesting enough to give it an award"  but there is this bigger voice saying in a big deep voice " well thats very nice but lets move on with the order of the day"

But, I do want to say a BIG thank you to Diane over at DEsigned by Diane Evans for passing me the award of the Zombie Chicken and to Meg at Mega Crafty and Elissa at Not Just Handbags for awarding me a double dose of the Sunshine award. 

I am truly honoured that you have bestowed these awards upon me. 

Now, if I am correct I believe this means I need to forward the awards to as many as 29 bloggers (5 for the Zombie Chicken and 12 each for the Sunshine award). Well I think that pretty much covers everyone on my reader list so congratulations you are all awarded a Sunshine Zombie Chicken combo and quite rightly so! 

I expect some of you are thinking " this girl is not taking things seriously.. strike her off the list", and if you are, I am sorry ... I dont mean to be Mrs Grumpy- Bum but I have always been the maverick of the pack. However, in true maverick fashion I would like to instate a new award ... 

"the award of the cheesy green dumpling" 

awarded for the best post of the day!

So drum roll please.... todays "cheesy green dumpling" award goes to Jodie over at Ric-Rac because I liked her post about the gorgeous Mr David Tennent of Dr Who fame ... ooh!


Meg said...

LOL- I love it. A recipe and an award. I have to say I'm not a chain letter person either... And struggle a bit with the blog awards too. In the end I decided I would treat them more as a chance to give some shout outs to blogs I liked in hopes someone reading my blog becomes a reader there too. And I'm not really tied to whether or not the award receiver follows the "rules". So long comment short, no worries here!

Diane J. Evans said...

I would love to receive The Cheesy Green Dumpling Award -- the recipe makes it sound scrumptious! And thank you for the kind words about me and my blog -- so appreciated!


Jodie said...

Ha ha - I don't do awards either because its just too damn hard to choose someone, but i am thrilled to win the cheesy green dumpling award..
(note to self: post more yummy eye candy !)

BilboWaggins said...

No, you are not Mrs Grumpy B*m. I hate blog awards as well and on the occasions I've been selected, I have written a very difficult email to the person responsible saying 'no thanks, give it to someone else". Fortunately the awards were from friends who understood when I let them know how I felt. I don't keep a blog in order to get the mostest visitors before the kettle boils, in fact, I am very happy not to have visitors {grin}. My blog is just for me and if friends and family stop by to check how I am doing, that's fine. I suppose if you're Pioneer Woman and making a business out of the blog that's different.

Not Just Handbags said...

ooh thank you for the award! I know the feeling about passing the awards on as I tend to only read the quality blogs I stumble upon! ;-) Therefore I quickly run out of people to pass them onto. Am in awe of people who can cook my cooking consists of throwing things into a casserole pot or things that go ding when done!

Anonymous said...

Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.............................................

Kathleen said...

You go girl! Break those rules... that's what they are made for! Just found your blog - have to go read so more.

Jandi said...

Looks yummy! I'm not a big fan of chain letters either, but I am always happy to receive recipes in my inbox.

John | Daily Photo Gallery said...

It's great to see the Zombie Chicken Award is still going nearly a year after it started. Congratulations :-)