Saturday, 8 August 2009

Summer Projects

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There is something very nice about a British summer. I really quite like the mix of sunshine and rain, howling winds and humid weather ... and quite often all in on one week. Well that was this week. Hot and humid on Wednesday, cold and windy on Thursday, balmy and beautiful today. Infact today was very very beautiful and made even better by the absence of any noise in the house. With only one small body to look after I was able to potter around and take a few photos of some of my summer projects.

I've been busy making bunting and bags, cushions and pillow protectors and lots of other 'things' in the hope that I might sell a few bits at an upcoming craft market at the end of the month, but I'm not so fussed if they don't sell. Its been fun making things that I like and I will be more than happy to hang on to them. In all honesty I'm really not sure why I said I would take a table at the fair. Its not something I've done before so its new territory for me ...which is probably why I thought I should 'have a go'. But its not easy knowing what to make, how many to make or what price to sell it for! Then what happens if it rains? (The tables are outside). What if no one likes what I make? What if too many people like what I make? How much float do I take? What do I keep the float in? What about carrier bags ? Business cards, labels ... agh!!! Is it worth it? (Don't answer that question ...please!)

On the upside the latest issue of Sew Hip is out and my patchwork Summer Bag project is included. I made 2 bags for the project - one in turquoise/blue Amy Butler Midwest Modern fabrics and the other in yellow toned Heather Bailey Pop Garden. I like both fabric ranges but the yellow is so bright and sunny. I really liked the way the magazine styled the bag for the photograph too. I was in good company too this month with dear friend Emma Armstrong who has a table runner in the same issue.

I've got a bit of a crochet bug going on too ... Lucy over at Attic 24 is responsible for that. I'm doing granny squares at the moment with bright Australian wools. My tension isn't so good yet but its so lovely to be able to do something while sitting watching TV with dh. Its also quite restful on my ever failing eyes too. Mind you getting into bed earlier than I have been lately would go a long way to helping them too!

What summer projects are you working on?


BilboWaggins said...

Hi Tracey, gosh, you've been busy (but I'm not surprised, I know how efficiently you work).

Cannot answer most of your questions about the craft fair except one - put your float, and ALL your money (and keys and phone) in a bum bag and wear it secured around your waist with everything to hand at your tummy.

Hope you get on well and have a successful day (and take lots of business cards to give to people and take a pen/paper in case you want to get names & phono numbers to follow up all the commissions you WILL get)

Trudi said...

Great advice from BW, hope it goes well, and get plenty of rest beforehand. The summer projects look great! Wish I could say I've been as productive, my time will come soon! I feel it in my bones ... LOL

Diane J. Evans said...

Great bags, Tracey -- I love your eye for color.

I'm about to embark on a Birdie Sling to be made of Heather Bailey fabrics -- that girl knows how to design textiles, doesn't she?! I'll post it when it's done.


Tracey said...

Thankyou to everyone who has commented. I really do appreciate the feedback. Have a great day - I'm back to make some more bits!