Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Do you flitter?

I read an article recently by the editor of the
Professional Quilter, Morna McEver Gollet asking the question of Who are you being? I don't normally go with all this psycho-analysis stuff but I do think its worth while asking yourself what you are about every now and again IF for no other reason than to keep youself focused. I am quite happy to tell everyone that I am a 'flitterer'. I go from this to that and back again every few months and my flittering cuts across many aspects of my life from food to family. For the most part I think this is normal human behavior - some days we want to eat salad instead of chocolate, some days we are happy to to leave the housework undone, some days we want to walk instead of drive etc... but in crafting terms I am a serious flitterer and in quilting terms my flittering severity is off the scale. I like soo many styles, soo many fabrics,so many colours, soo many techniques and I flitter in and out of them all to a point that I cannot define my own 'style'. Of course I suppose I could say my style is 'eclectic' and let that cover it but is that a cop out? Probably. But then does it matter what our style is anyway? Do we need to confine ourselves to just one box ? Well I don't really think we do BUT I do know that you cannot flitter if you want to run a business. Customers need to be able to define who you are and what you do. They like, indeed need, to place you in a pigeon-hole. For me though just one pigeon-hole is too small .. I need the whole dove-cote!

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Trudi said...

Oh yes, I flitter too! I read the same article, and thought briefly about how people percieve me, then decided it was too complicated, but it did make me focus on what I want to achive with my quilting. So, rest assured, like many of us with busy lives, families and so many other interest, we flitter to ensure they all get the right attention at the right time, in order to bring balance and occassionally a little order too. Kepp flittering, eclectic is good for you!