Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Space Invaders!

Last week was Outer Space week at school with the children doing lots of 'alien' activities. On Friday they had a dress-up day. I hate dress up days .... why do schools have them? It falls to everyone else other than the child to make the costume ... and that usully means me! Whats more, the idea I have for the costume is NOT what my child normally wants and trantrums may quite possibly ensue if we aren't in sync. Take last week for example. I suggested an alien monster costume - stuffed socks for additional legs, some shredded cardboard for monster hair etc... NO that would not do... "I want to be a astronaut in a white suit made from cardboard boxes", and being the obliging mum that I am (not usually) I made said costume. " Fantasic" we all agreed. But come the morning of the parade " ... ugh I dont want to wear it ....."


Don't you just love them? No matter, these things happen I suppose and he is only 5 still. I've had the same with all the others too. A child that wouldn't be in the navitity play because it involved wearing a tea-towel on his head, a child that wouldn't go trick or treating unless he had a bat costume - dispite the fact I had JUST made him a requested ghost costume the day before and a child that couldn't possibly be minnie mouse unless she had bright shinny red shoes! To continue the alien/monster outer space theme we had another birthday party on Sunday for Archie this time ... guess what he got? Yep a personalised pump bag ... much to my little-ones disgust "please dont make him a pump bag!" Is mum starting to embarass him I wonder? I do put paper and pens and some sweeties inside too!


Sewing Granny said...

You can never win with littlies...their ideas are never the same as the ones you think they should have!!
Have you yet had the scenes in the shoeshop? where they desparately need new school shoes, but they want some thing else (totally unsuitable) that they have just seen on the shelf......I have walked out of many a shoe shop and left my daughters there.....eventually coming out to find me......

Tracey said...

Oh yes and the trantrums in woolworths over toys ! I left my son on the floor crying over a toy he couldn't have last year .. still within view of course. One man was 'looking daggers' at me .. fortunately he had the good sense not to say anything! lol!!