Tuesday, 12 May 2009

A Sapphire Wedding Quilt!

Do you remember 'the baby' I was working on a couple of weeks ago? The quilt that I sailed waaay to close to the wind with, with me finally getting it bound, sleeved and photographed by 3pm on the closing day for entries .. eek! Well it may have been cutting it fine but guess what ? the quilt was juried into the "Inspirations by Hungarian Blue-Dyed Textiles" exhibition! Woo-hoo! I am soo pleased for Pam and John - the owner/makers. Pam made the quilt as a celebration for their 45th wedding anniversary last year. They were married 45 years on the 6th of the 7th month in 2008 - 45, 6, 7, 8! (Great number sequence! ) The quilt - "A Sapphire Wedding Quilt", was designed by Pam to include the  Single Wedding Ring  (or Crown of Thorns) block and uses 29 different
Kekfesto cotton fabrics. It measures 2m wide x 3m long ! Yep it big but then Pam doesn't do small quilts. It was soo long in fact I couldn't find anywhere to hang it to photograph it properly so I had to let the bottom drape onto the floor.

I limited the quilting designs to a beautiful feathered Heart design by Kim Brunner, my own rope wreath, and a beautiful single dove - which I think is one of by One Song Needles Arts - but cant be sure. There is some continuous curve quilting and loads of stitch in the ditch too! The background is all freehand quilted with a mini baptist fan type design. All in all around 75 hours of work from receipt to delivery! My hands ached after all the meander detail but I really like how it turned out.

The quilt will be on display for the best part of a year travelling around venues within Hungary but starting on June 13th in Papa in the Kékfestő Múzeum (Museum of Indigo Resist Dyeing) and can be visited until 19th July 2009.


Diane J. Evans said...

The quilting is STUNNING, Tracey -- what talent you have! You must be so proud of this one -- and rightly so!


Emma said...

It looks fantastic, really great news on it being accepted - you must be really pleased! What's next???

Tracey said...

Thank you. The Kim Brunner pattern really made the quilting shine I think. Its a beautiful pattern.

Whats next? Another bigger - 120" square!

Feather on a Wire said...

It's lovely, truly lovely.

funkymonkey said...

Absolutely beautiful.


Trudi said...

Wow Tracey, I'm in awe! Stunning quilting :o)