Thursday, 15 April 2010

get knitted!

Years ago when I were a mere child the in-vogue playground phrase was to
"get knotted!"

I've no idea where this phrase came from but it was meant as a mildly offensive term and used to tell someone to "go away".  I mention this only because a picture of this super cool knitted bus cozy landed in my email this morning and it just made me think "get knitted" !  (Yes I know .. tenuous link but its the Easter holidays and my brain is kiddy mush)

Isn't it fabulous and what an amazing idea?  Why you would want to do such a thing is another question but since it has made the world a whole lot brighter  ..WHY NOT!  

So don't say "get knotted"  say "get knitted" 

You can see more pictures of The Mexico Bus at Magdasayeg website here :  Knitted Bus

Thanks also to Handmade Spark for drawing my attention to it!


Jackie said...

That is pretty amazing!!

Trudi said...

Have you seen the knitted advert? I must find you the link :) Missed you from blogland!

Meg said...

That rocks! I wonder how much yarn it took

Chris said...

Wow, I love it. It is so colorful!

Thanks for the smile.