Monday, 9 November 2009

I felt like making a bag

I love the idea of kits! Particularly bright and cheery kits that look all coordinated, have lovely notions and include pretty frou frou bits and are all wrapped up in crystal bags and tied with lengths of silky ribbon. They just beg to be brought and there is no denying it... I am a sucker for them, BUT I rarely ever make the kit . They look too pretty to be opened and it seems wrong to disturb the contents. Its almost sacrilegious to undo them. So, I am unquestionably thankful to Bev Beattie at Knitting4fun that this kit was not packaged. I came across her stall at the Festival of Quilts in August and asked if she would put a wool kit together for me so I could knit up one of her stall samples .. a felted bag. I like the idea of knitting - its quite portable and keeps me happy when DH wants me to sit and watch TV with him. I am no master knitter but I did really enjoy making this baby and the fact that any mistakes would be hidden in the felting process made it all the more enjoyable. I even got a thumbs up from DD when it was finished and a whoo hoo from DH. The knitting - worked on circlular needles, is mighty big to begin with soon shrinks up as it felts in the washing machine. Felting is a process that never fails to amuse me too.. it is just such an amazing process.


Bev Beattie said...

Well done I am so pleased that you enjoyed making the bag!!
best wishes and I did warn you it may be addictive!!

Diane J. Evans said...

It's adorable! The one time when you put something knitted into the washing machine and you WANT it to shrink!


Meg said...

I love the colors! Perfect cure for the winter blahs when it's gray outside. I'm totally amused/amazed by the felting process too- I can't help looking inside the washer every 2 seconds to see "what it's doing now".

Nice Job!

Elissa said...

I doff my cap to anyone who can knit I have attention span of a gnat and am therefore bored after a few rows. Loving the bags! x

Emma said...

Oooohhhh, love it! Didn't it turn out nice - almost makes me wish I could knit now!!!

Sharon said...

Looks great now its felted. I am feeling the need to have a go as if i need anything else to do.
See you soon

Trudi said...

Can't knit, won't knit! But love your bag! Didn't it turn out well!!