Tuesday, 27 October 2009

a change is as good as a rest!

Wire Tap Pro by Tracey Pereira 2008 12" x 12" 
a change from the normal soft fabric quilts I usually make!

There is a saying that a change is as good as a rest! I agree.  Today prompted by my homework from the online course I am doing with Laura Bray at Katydid-designs I have updated my blog. I have been wanting to make it into a three column blog for a while and then spurred by a comment from Alesha on the course forums I found this link for a Three Column Blogger. I followed the steps in the tutorial and hey presto I found my way around the HTML and have updated the blog somewhat.  I was quite proud of myself too because I changed the width of the page to make the whole thing less cramped. This is of course a bit of a risk because not everyone has wide monitors yet. 660px is the standard I think to cover all eventualities but I increased mine to 900px. I know you can go bigger but I this is ok at the moment to space the three columns out nicely.  Oh - just to make sure those with smaller monitors can see all the relevant stuff, I placed all the info and widgets I really want people to see is in the first 2 columns - that way if the 3rd column does get cut off my readers should still be able to see my posts and links to my website etc.

So ... what do you think?  

Did you notice I have also added a link for facebook networked blogs?  This seems to be an up and coming way to read blogs. So, if you have facebook feel free and add me to your friends list!

Have a great day!


Meg said...

I really like the three columns-lately I've been thinking about doing this too and just didn't know how to do it. Thanks for posting this I'm going to check out the link you found.

Oh and by the way I'm looking at this on a laptop and it looks great- nothing crunched together.

Diane J. Evans said...

Thanks so much for the link to the three-column blog, Tracey -- you are quite accomplished at this! Good for you!


Valerie said...

Oh I love this too. I am on facebook but not quite sure about it. I need to learn more.