Sunday, 11 July 2010

The MAN-drawer!

We have a comedian here in the UK called Michael McIntyre who I think is just amazingly funny. He pulls his material from real life which is why it is probably such side splitting material.  One of my favourite stories is his rendition of " The MAN-drawer!"  

 You will no doubt know this drawer because EVERY household has one. Its the HOUSEHOLD MAINTENANCE drawer - the drawer that holds the spare light bulb for the lamp (that has actually been thrown away) and the AA batteries that you THINK are charged, the spare fuse for the power board (that was replaced with a new consumer unit last year), the international plug adaptor for Ouagadougou ... (? its the capital of Burkina Fasu) , the swiss army knife and endless spare headphones (that have lost one earpiece), a flash light, plasters and headache pills  etc.. etc...We ALL have one of these drawers right?  Its the MAN-drawer .. the drawer that in the event of emergency you could go to war with AND keep an attacking army at bay.

 Well ... we have several of these drawers and they ALL reside in the dressing table I share with my hubby.  So, you can imagine my face when said hubby announced he needed more space in this SHARED unit and suggested I get rid of some of my clothes. 

"Oh look the Samaritans are collecting for charity on Tuesday ... why dont you have a clear out "   

Yes, right ... I know what you are up to Mr P! (there are no flies on me you know!)  

Well as it happened I was quite happy to accommodate this request as I had had it in mind to do a 'clear out' for a while .... and I did!  Way too many bags were filled with the remnants of a life when I was smaller than I am today. Too many good clothes will be sitting on hangers in the charity shop because I got too fat BUT thats ok ... I am happy to move things on AND to a better place than residing in space that is the poor relation of the man-drawer.  But a few of my nicer things are on EBAY as of this moment. 

Now if you have ever EBAYed you will know the time and effort that is required to sort, photo and load your wares, but I have been rewarded in the past with few extra readies that have certainly helped fuel my hobby and fill my "fabric drawers"  or my "notions drawers" and I am hoping that this little green felted beauty will help this time. I thought I would show you because I know you all love textiles and this wearable piece really is lovely (and if it doesn't sell it WILL be unpicked and used in a project somewhere along the line).  Made by Irish knitwear designer LINDA WILSON ... I love her stuff but I dont think I go anywhere these days to warrant wearing it.  

Mind you if I were to place it in my LADY- drawer it may not  help defend a country against invasion but it could surely help decorate it!


Trudi said...

I knew there was a bonus to being single! LOL But I still have all those MAN things placed in logical and appropriate places around the house. It's abeautiful garment none the less, I should really follow your lead!

Tracey said...

Aah yes Trudi - you said that word .. LOGICAL .... but then we are talking about MEN storing these things! (lol)

Minky Magic said...

I love that sketch! My husband and I laughed rather loudly at that one as yes, we too have the sacred man draw in our kitchen! Hope you manage to sell your wares!

Meg said...

Very funny! We have a man-drawer too. But here in the states it's called a junk drawer (and Martha Stewart is always coming up with ways to better organize it for us).

I think I like the idea of it being the man-drawer better. It sounds more important and vital that way, instead of just sounding like things that should all be thrown away.

Good luck on ebay!

Not Just Handbags said...

I adore Michael McIntyre! That top is lush I can definitely see it being turned into something else. Isn't it funny how when we have stuff it can be cleared out, however, all man stuff is vital and any suggestion of a clear out is met with a 'oh no it may come in handy one day!'